To stay unique in the global economy, you tend to concentrate on what made you successful in the first place – your core business.


To stay unique in the global economy, you tend to concentrate on what made you successful in the first place – your core business. It is cumbersome to expend valuable time and energy managing transactions and noncore processes that could be handled by third parties.

Info-XS provides you strategy; solutions and services you require to solve your complex business issues, achieve results and maintain your competitive advantage. With more than 4 years of information technology (IT) management and business process outsourcing expertise with knowledge specific to your industry, we can provide business-focused solutions customized to your specific strategic goals.

Our broad range of Outsourcing solutions will help you improve customer devotion, accelerate profit, drive operational and organizational efficiency, integrate your business processes and applications, and ultimately save you money.

By means of our experience as an outsourcer, you are privileged to concentrate on your core business.

What makes Info-XS unique!

Industry-leading Quality: Info-XS conforms to high quality and managed processed, which drives improvements in Sales, Cost, and Compliance. This influences the value of the contact centre, and ensures your engagement is delivered with consistent high quality across all of our global locations.

Global Delivery Model: With global presence in at least 4 countries, Info-XS provides variety of options for onshore, near-shore, and offshore locations that make sense to our clients.

Secrecy Value: As obvious, confidentiality is an obstacle in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Info-XS ensures that we understand our clients’ challenges and their business. We offer a top level of confidentiality, quality and security, with the goal of constantly optimizing productivity and controlling operating risks. We sign Non-Disclosure agreement with our clients to protect their data and follow with all due regards

Deep Domain Expertise: Our working with market leaders has developed deep domain expertise, which has built a reputation that has propelled us consistently up in global industry rankings.

Enabling Technology: We provide enterprise workforce optimization and security intelligence. We have deep domain knowledge in unified communications (IP telephony, IP contact centres), network infrastructure (LAN, WAN, Metro Ethernet Networks, Multi-Protocol Label Switching/Backbone IP Networks), business applications and consulting We are the only outsourcer with the ability to enable the entire range of unified communications for our clients.

To know more about our services or you have any question, feel free to email us at info@info-xs.com or contact us at (123) 456-7890.