Scanning, Indexing & Archiving Services.

Where would your company be if there is an earthquake, fire, flood or other catastrophic that destroys the immense knowledge and value contained in your hard copy documents?

Scanning, Indexing & Archiving Services

Storage and Retrieval of records are two of the pricey functions an organization has to bear whether they like it or not! Hard copy paper documents not only take up significant storage space, but also can be the most crippling to a business, if the records are destroyed by earthquake, fire, and flood or by means of any catastrophic. To have a control on your documents is need of time since it helps decide the future of your business. It is further needed to secure your business records and ensure that they are instantly accessible to all authorized personnel and protected from unauthorized access, theft, stolen and catastrophic.

If you have a large accumulation of documents and don't have the time or resources to do your own scanning, simply arrange to have your documents sent to Info-XS scanning centre. By means of our professional team, we will help scan your information into state of the art digital formats, and then integrate your data into your overall Document Management System.

Info-XS is duly aware of the trend towards making documents more accessible in digital format. We offer economical means for capturing and converting a wide range of documents bestowing your organization to gain control of its information. Regardless your documents are paper, microfilm, microfiche, aperture card, or engineering drawings, Info-XS has the solution for your document management system. We provide high volume, high quality scanning, indexing and conversion services. Our Scanning & Archiving service will help you free up significant office space by converting your documents into an electronic format. Through an update to date document management solution your organization can efficiently gain access to the information it requires.

Indexing Services

Properly archived and well indexed documents, records and books facilitate effortless retrieval of information as and when it is needed. Info-XS provides proficient and reasonably priced indexing services for a wide range of clients such as businesses, authors, libraries, medical and legal professionals, and more. Info-XS has capabilities to provide onsite and offsite solutions in order to store and retrieve data electronically.

Why choose Info-XS for all your Scanning, Indexing & Archiving Needs

  • Full Service document scanning and conversion provider.
  • Comprehensive system integration and document management capabilities
  • Qualified and Experienced Scanning & Archiving professionals
  • On-site and off-site scanning solutions
  • Any size paper or film
  • Proven quality assurance

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