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Legacy Application Modernization

Info-XS is committed to keep your existing application stay current and update to date business environment by means of modernizing the user experience, improving better workflow and by providing ability to transform into other systems. Recent incredible growth in mobile applications & devices, and cloud services provide substantial business value when used in conjunction with your legacy systems. Info-XS has the skills and solutions that facilitate such a transformation journey.

There are various forms through which legacy modernization can take place, Info-XS essence is about delivering additional business advantages from existing systems. Info-XS goal is to assist you drive profit and help you improve profit irrespective of re-writing and replacing. Our objective is to help you drive profit improvement without the need of re-writing or replacing the legacy assets, which currently run in your business. We modernize them in your emerging business environment.

Why choose Info-XS for Legacy Modernization?

Info-XS offers Legacy Application Modernization services, developed over many years using best-of-breed tools and a proven delivery methodology. Based in multi geographical locations, all our team use the same baseline capabilities, partners and skills to undertake Info-XS’s industrialized set of baseline capabilities. This means that Info-XS can leverage resources, experience and skills across the globe to assist clients in the successful implementation of a modernization project.

Info-XS legacy application modernization services can help your business:

  • Better acumen about the applications, databases and processes that run in your data centre today and iron out a modernization strategy for the future
  • Minimize high infrastructure spends and modernize operations by re-hosting mainframe and proprietary applications
  • Unravel new initiatives and enhance agility by re-architecting legacy applications to modern architectures such as Java and .NET
  • Modernize your existing enterprise applications to the latest version and migrate to more competent platforms, including database conversions.

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Software Customization

Since adoption of software solutions is gaining momentum across globe, businesses race towards an efficient future. Software vendors around the globe have come up to cope with and cash in on such opportunity. In view of above, chances are that, for whatever you could use software to do, there’s often a product or solution out there in the market that’s been identical to match the requirements of as many businesses as possible, such as yours.

Nevertheless, unique business always has an element of specialty in them and this ensures that you’ll get best of services in off-the-shelf solutions. Info-XS helps increase more value from standardized software by bridging the gap between its existing capabilities and the unique requirements of your business.

To make sure that our customers make the most of the Info-XS offering, we work hand in hand with them to customize the solution to a customer’s specific needs. Info-XS is equipped with recognized software customization specialists. Our specialist, over the course of more than four years, has helped a number of businesses across vertical and horizontal markets, accelerating more value from off-the-shelf software solutions. Info-XS objective is to drive better return on investment on customized projects.

Info-XS customizations involve the following:

  • Customize the functionality, workflow, and processes of the product to cope with specific business needs & requirements
  • Modification of existing features
  • Performance Optimizations
  • Customizing visual aspects of the solution (colors, logos, images, layouts, screen behavior)
  • Developing additional product functionality or capabilities

How can you drive value from Info-XS software customization services?

  • Get the best out of the software that you own
  • Automation of manual work
  • Reduce errors and mistakes hence lower risk
  • Stable and guaranteed services

We know the way to make the most of the software that you own. As pioneer IT consultant, we duly understand the best way to enhance productivity is to expand horizons of using the tools that are already deputed within your business.

Start a Software Customization project with Info-XS.

To know more about our services or you have any question, feel free to email us at or contact us at (123) 456-7890.